Virtual me

More "Personal EU" ideas

This one would help you decisively in everything related to your health.
Individual health care has always been a central challenge for humanity - and yet we have not yet progressed to the heart of the matter.
The old Chinese system, where the doctor was paid only for the days the patient was healthy, is a healthy exception.
Having been wised up by the achievements of the digital decade and the lessons of the pandemic, it would be time for us to once again think about lifelong health care from an essential personal perspective and as a close cooperation of European Union experts.

We expertly maintain the global products we create,
but a maintenance gig of even 5 cm into our own selves is a terrifying mystery to us.

What if our health care (e.g. as a result of a multidisciplinary EU development process) would start to be based on a highly protected personal "virtual me" that is updated for life? This anatomical self-portrait could be scrolled on a time axis and scrolled layer by layer from skin to muscles, organs, nerves, bones - and details to see the interactions of the different levels. It would work, grow and develop like a person in general - and would automatically get its unique special features from all your health and fitness measurement data throughout life:

- gender

- height and weight

- locality


- blood group

- the whole spectrum of blood values ​​from blood tests

- vision values

- hearing values

- respiratory values

- heart functions

- blood pressure

- brain functions

- oral conditions from the dentist

- Influenza with medicines and their effects

- first aid and stitches

- bone fractures and breaks

- anesthesia

- surgeries with aftercare

- pimples, tumors

- surgeries with after-effects and medications

- fitness and its effects

- physiotherapy with effects

- medicines with and without a prescription

- nutritional values ​​and health effects of food habits and supplements

- measurement results from own smart devices

- self-care measurements

- signs of age

- hospital treatments

- cause of death

My indicative amateur list aims to describe what makes my very own "virtual me" a lifelong health mirror for everyone. As a starting point, you can find several models on the internet with search words that can be freely rotated, viewed in layers, updated on the timeline, and even freely downloadable.

In the end, entering information automatically into the service of this compact human twin is a very clear and compact challenge for the homo sapiens experts of the artificial intelligence-assisted information society. It could also be seen as "the most important game in the world" and invite our best game creators to big programming workshops.

A target group of eight billion people is quite a fascinating potential. And our own European Union is ideally compact for system development. Promoting health and vitality around that model should be quite streamlined and cost-effective.

You could think of it like multi-layered GPS maps as a traffic map inside ourselves, and the mission is to make everything work smoothly and safely in a conscious way.

As far-fetched as it may seem, I would hope that everyone working in health, fitness and mental care and its alignment, as well as in the software industry (with their offspring), would see this vision and even ask themselves if they would be excited to be a implementing piece in the game - and how.

The more widely we start to discuss "virtual me" as the engine of our healthcare, the more naturally we will make the whole PPPP (Politic-Public-Private-Person) cooperation together want and implement it.

So be interested in all related EU-level projects and discussions and also work to develop the interaction between them.