PEUrolesInvestorInvesting in the Personal EU idea is investing in your union-wide success. You are making an investment in the unique richness of the European resources, which grow into an unforeseen success by cross-union cooperation of citizens in a very big scale.

Understanding the enormous benefits of the Personal EU era helps you now be among the early birds and concentrate your social, technical and financial resources to ensure the big scale success of challenging "union citizen" developments.

This is a cross-union and cross-society challenge, which means a need of a wide public-private collaboration and shareholders from many EU countries. What's more, this is a PPPP (Politic-Public-Private-Person) challenge, which requires research and development co-operation with the Commission and the EU Framework programmes.

In the vision Personal EU is on the goal level a PPPP corporation with 500 million shares (one for every citizen of the union). Maybe 1/4 of the shares are paid by the union, 1/4 by the member states, 1/4 by the industry and 1/4 by the citizens themselves. And that vision is just the start level of a Personal EU era and its wide union/worldwide businesses.

Your role today

Your role tomorrow: