ThinkOutsideOfTheBoxYour brain is the steering centre of your life. Big streams and small rills connect there all your time to an unique personal power: working time, free time, hobbies, developments, day, night... everything.

The fast integrating network era is the big chance to use your brain without limitations - for your and our common satisfaction.

But what happens in practice? You belong to some hierarchic organization who "cuts a part (and only it) of your brain and puts it in a fixed box" to work as a result unit towards something that you necessarily don't understand or accept. And what's worse, the rest of your head can not at home work perfectly, because too much of it is "stupified" for other purposes. Your darling has been carved in the same way by someone - destroying the natural challenging interactivity between the two of you.

The Personal EU idea develops the information society towards a more human- and life-centric era. It means good news to you AND our old fashioned organizations.

  • You have a nice opportunity, right and duty to manage your challenges by finding someone like you from up to EACH COUNTRY in the union - a team with common challenges and values and expertise.
  • The organizations have the chance to change into more human-centric "organiczations" - Cell-planet organizations - and find even more responsible self-organizing problem solvers to work for them.