The Personal EU TeamFinder is the soul of the Personal EU idea.
Without the TeamFinder is this idea not possible at all. What could it do for you: PEUteamfinder





The idea of the Personal EU TeamFinder is to choose one person from every EU country and bring them at once to your desktop. The challenge profile of all those persons is very much like yours, because the TeamFinder picks up persons with a maximum of similarities. All Personal EU members are registered users and their registration information has to be real, because the Personal EU system will be so safe that you can use it for buying, selling, official initiatives etc. You accept the suggested team members one by one - and if you don't accept somebody, then the TeamFinder will suggest the "next best one".

Your screen is the meeting place of your Personal EU team, and the Personal EU communication tools make the interactivity nice and easy. DeskCompany

Creating the "Personal EU Team Finder" is a great challenge!