As an EU citizen you are the center of the Personal EU idea - whatever your role in your society is.


In this vision you see your team in the middle. Around it there are essential tools, easy to use and always available.

The Personal EU vision sees the union completed by one essential "organiczation" level: the Citizen - You.
A wide PPPP co-operation process (Politic-Public-Private-Person) coordinated by the EU Commission is essential to make a Personal EU era come true.

Personal EU's idea is to give all union individuals the right and ability to activate their union citizenship by bringing around everyone a team consisting of one individual with similar or completing challenge personal profile from (up to) every 27 EU country. You should be able to meet your Personal EU over the net whenever you want and do social, technical and financial collaboration which is important to all of you personnally and to the entire union. Personal EU is the place for your resources. A place for growing to understand how things in your life and world connect to eachothers in a better way.

Many kinds of Personal EU teams needed:

Individuals are different, so should Personal EU teams be, too. The best way to think about the Personal EU era is to remember that in every EU country there is someone like you and especially those individuals should belong to your personal EU27 team. Your team would be an union-wide expert in your strongest subjects and an expert in innovative discussing about all your common things and solving your specific problems.

Personal EU is your lifelong learning process covering professional challenges, developments, hobbies, private challenges and interests. It is open 7/24/365 and really makes you an union-wide citizen.

Personal EU is Your big project. It can be your most essential tool in your professional FP7 challenge, it can be your secret weapon in being a better and better teacher, it can be your big dreams-come-true in building an ideal European atmosphere for your children and it can be your "new interactive tv" with prime time shows all the time.

Please don't just like the idea. Forward this page and site to your friends, join the Personal EU blogs and send completing comments, express your interest to be partner, interactivator, investor in this idea.