Personal EU is such an enormous project, that everything can not be made at once. But when the team communication tool will grow in a natural order, then the participants can easily take part in the development as "pilots", "testbeds", "creators"...  Below I try to describe the essential steps, phases of the Personal EU tool development:

PEUteamfinderThe TEAM FINDER is the essential missing tool of the Personal EU system. It can and should be created very quickly in good collaboration on PPPP basis (Politic-Public-Private-Person). This is how it would work:

When you register into a big common network, you give your personal challenge profile information - and then the TeamFinder brings into your screen one person from up to each EU country: those ones whose challenges are most similar to yours in their countries.

The best location for the TeamFinder would be ENoLL (the European Network of Living Labs), because all EU-supported citizen-centric development projects are there and could serve as an inspiring workspace. From ENoLL's view the Personal EU teams would upgrade the Living Labs collaboration to really answer the requirements of real citizen-centricity.


PEU3viatorAccess to your Personal EU team should from the first beginning be available using different ways, at least dotcom and mobile phone. Digi-TV can very soon be used as a computer and that means a new channel for your program. Those 3 media are integrating so totally that after some years you can't even remember how it was when they were separated. The system allowing those 3 interactive ways could be called a 3VIATOR.


PEUunderstanderWhen you have you personal union in one place there is actual to say something so that everyone can understand it: for example "Hello, who are you - and how are you?" Because there are tens of very different languages in the union, more than 200 million people (of almost 500 million) do not have any common language that they are able to use. Between some big languages there already are good online translation and interpretation programs - but not between smaller languages which are the majority. By investing enough during 5-10 years the European union could create a continuous anylanguage-to-anylanguage system for anyone in the union. The biggest reason to develop such a system, however, is to ensure the existence of our language richness - and the unique culture resources behind them. Our present language situation means, that less and less actual information will be translated into the smaller languages - and that means with time exclusion and death of languages.
The opposite way is what we need: let's be proud of our language richness and let's use it as our strength in innovation through interactivity! Because creating the UNDERSTANDER takes time it is essential to make the big political decisions now - to ensure our new better competitivity as soon as possible.


PEUcomparerWhen you speak about your familiar local subjects, the listeners would rather hear about their local things. Not because they do not care, but because they can not follow what you really mean. The Personal EU system should very soon content a component which picks similar facts from each country and shows them at once, rather illustrated. Let's call that tool a COMPARER. It makes multicultural discussions easier and more interesting for all participants and helps the team come to good practical ideas.


PEUvoterVoting is a good way to come to democratic conclusions. The Personal EU teams would benefit from an illustrated VOTER shoving the plus and minus volumes of the team's opinions.



PEUsellerbuyerA continuous EU10, EU22 or EU27 team is a fantastic experience for anyone - even for union-level professionals. Sooner or later the team finds the opportunities of the similarity. They start to buy together. They realize that they can do unique things together and sell them using their union-wide network. To help those things succeed between a class-size team, they need a helping tool to share profits and costs and take care of common and personal debets and credits. The team needs a BUYER/SELLER.


PEUprojecterBecause the team members have much in common, the are as a team specialists in a combination of those things. It's easy to imagine them as a commercial organiczation with own products and services. Starting businesses would be much easier and more successful with help of a PROJECTER.


PEUelevator1Union-wide good ideas are not just for the Personal EU teams themselves. Traditional companies and other organizations will be very interested in getting such teams with such ideas. The ELEVATOR is a tool that easily takes team initiatives and ideas f.ex. to the commissions floor - or vice versa.


PEUAcademyAll Personal EU team knowledge should from the firs beginning intrerest a PERSONAL EU ACADEMY - and a  good challenging virtual/physical academy or academy network is needed to ensure the future of the Persoonal EU era.