Aims at realization of the Personal EU mission following a coordinated multi-route map.




The goal of the Personal EU strategy will be reached by seamless co/operation of several publicly and privately financed union-wide projects.
In all of them the partnership should be built fromt essential players of the union's own ICT management and best representatives of national, business and private expertise - towards a citizen-centric innovation society. Characteristic features in the projects should be
- citizen safety and openness
- growing understanding between all
- union-wide teams
- result making and problem solving team tools
- continuity


The results of project segments and phases should be opened for public test and development use so that the Personal EU lifestyle has its opportunity to show its growing value. The biggest challenge - online everylanguage-to-everylanguage translation/interpretation - takes time and will (in 5-10 years if we decide so) guarantee a very great success to the Personal EU era.



In Personal EU everything is starting from the fact that a person is the base unit of human life and that the most natural organization is the life between the ears. There genious thin yarns connect work and rest, duties and rights, day and night...  so successfully that non of our synthetic organizations or hierarchies can do it. In a hierarchy box a human being is a stranger, because just a part of her/him is needed and the rest of her/him is unhappy, because all personal resources can not come in use at once if needed.

OrganiczationsThe base unit of a Personal EU team is a person with her/his unique total resources. The team members are the most equal persons in the other EU countries. That's why all Personal EU teams can very well innovate and solve problems together: they really know what it is question about. Let's not call them "organisations" but "organiCsations".

PersEUsOrgIn organicsing the Personal EU development process the same natural organicsing principles should be used. Partnership instead of hierarchy is a good guideline.